What safety and health requirements do singers follow?

In-person rehearsals are open to singers who are fully vaccinated and willing to remain full compliance with federal, state, and local directives and following health guidelines from the Center for Disease Control.  All physical distancing and hygiene protocols will be followed.  Any person who is experiencing symptoms of illness or who has been exposed to an ill person will be asked to abstain from rehearsing in person.  Virtual rehearsal options will be implemented if necessary to complete the season.  Concerts will be live-streamed, or an alternative culminating recording will be made in lieu of a live performance if necessary.

How is repertoire selected?

Repertoire is selected by the artistic director who looks for quality literature that matches the ensemble's difficulty level and considers the needs for divisi and balances other programmed pieces.  That said, if you have a great idea of what we should sing, please e-mail us with your repertoire suggestions.


Does EMS sing only secular repertoire?

EMS sings both secular and sacred repertoire for the exclusive purpose of its artistic merit.  EMS does not sing sacred repertoire for the purpose of worship nor do we exclude repertoire on the basis of a sacred text.


Is discounted pricing available?

With your regular seasonal tuition of $210, your spouse, child (teen or older), or parent can join you for $25.  If your company is interested in offering discounted pricing for employees, please connect us!


What if I have to miss several rehearsals or the performance? Or is it too late to join?

That's OK!  Because EMS is tuition-based, participants self-select whether to enroll in a concert season or not.  Participate or abstain as you require or desire for rehearsals and performances.  Though it's ideal to join in January, May, or September, you can join us anytime!


I'm going to miss half the season. Can my membership be prorated?

No.  Membership includes all rehearsals, performances, sheet music, and educational materials for the concert season.